Over the past year and a half that Keisha has been in my life she has listened to my woes, laughed at my silliness, shared some tears, and propped me up when I was down or doubted myself. All along keeping her personal judgements quiet unless it was obvious that I wanted to hear them. She has helped guide me through a few very dark times by having shared her love of the Lord with me and centering me in His love through gentle, poignant words. He works His presence through her. A guiding light or beacon to bring me home. - Dia , Grand Prairie, TX
I turned to Keisha to be my life coach when I wanted to be sure I was living my purpose and following God’s plan for me. She guided me through a process of self-discovery and was truly supportive and non-judgmental. She allowed me to see that I had value and God has positioned me in the tasks I’m completing. I looked forward to our sessions every week and miss them now. I continue to use what I have learned from her to be my best me. - Tonya, Nashville, TN
When I think back over the years Keisha and I spent together at Elizabeth, teaching together, learning together, and studying together –two words come to mind: laughter and accountability. We laughed together a lot while serving in ministry. And through the bond of laughing, we formed our community. We formed a genuine sisterhood that made transparency and accountability so much more comfortable. She held me accountable for what was on my heart, my passion, my joys, and she did it with a smile. In fact, I’ll never forget the summer day in 2010, after studying Fresh Encounters with Keisha for the 2nd time, that I sent her a texted and told her l had officially submitted my LLC application for Love Over Logic. It had been on my heart to pursue a makeup business for some time and through studying that book with Keisha and other leaders at EBC, I finally decided to pursue my “love over logic’. Keisha was the first one I texted after I submitted the application. I knew she would continue to encourage my dreams. Her presence was irreplaceable during those years! And I’m so thankful to God for her. - Carmen, Washington, DC
I’ve been so blessed to know Keisha for over a decade now. She has an impassioned desire to serve the Lord, while empowering women. She is transparent, and exudes the very essence of a surrendered life. Her testimony reminds me of a befitting quote by Maya Angelou- “We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Keisha’s transformation is real, and powerful, and she’s not afraid to share it, because her ultimate goal is always to help lead some beautiful soul, one step closer to Christ. I know that she will go on to accomplish even greater things for the kingdom in the coming days, weeks, months and years. I am so thankful to be a part of her journey! - Candace, Tampa, FL
Firstly I thank God for meeting Keisha and her team from Elizabeth Baptist Church in 2010 at 1000 Hills Baptist Church. I remember we had a five day bible study that was teaching about “having a real relationship with God”. I also thank Keisha for adding me to the Facebook group “Reflective Lives”. Her posts and our email chats, inspired me a lot. She is my role model in Christ. Through Christ using her, I know who I am in Christ. She is a kind-hearted woman (Proverbs 31:20-26). - Sneh, Durban, South Africa
When I think of Keisha, I think of the saying by Joyce Carol Oats, “people come into your life for a reason. They might not know it themselves, why. You might not know it. But there’s a reason.” Keisha is one of these people. God placed Keisha in my life and she has touched my life is so many ways. Keisha has a Spiritual Gift to inspire women. She ignites a desire within to be the best that you can be and to love and support other women to do the same. I am truly blessed to call her my friend. - Shellie, Carrollton, TX
So my goal, to not write a book! The first word that comes to mind is sisterhood. It usually takes time for me to be open and share my personal experiences with people, but one work lunch completely changed that for me. Keisha has been a voice of reason, truth, encouragement and a display of God’s love throughout the time I have known her, and her friendship has been a blessing to me. In a season of my life when I felt the most alone, lost, confused and broken she sowed her time, love, words of wisdom, and many lunches (because we love to eat). Words cannot express how grateful I am that God allowed me to connect to one of his greatest treasures, and I look forward to seeing how this ministry blesses others like it blessed me. The road to healing can involve hills, valleys, loops, and sometimes u-turns, but the journey is easier when you have someone that is willing to travel with you at least part of the way. Some places we just have to go alone. Thank you for being my travel buddy on this unpredictable road of life. Love you! - Breanna, Grand Prairie, TX
I sat in many Precept classes that Keisha facilitated and grew tremendously in doing so. Keisha is an amazing facilitator and she encouraged the class to embrace our bible study as seriously as we embrace life’s other priorities. She did so in a kind, yet firm manner. And she did so by example. It was in watching her that I learned to adopt a sincere and earnest approach to my study. As we know, there are some things that God requires of us that are just plain hard to do. My typical response when I encounter such is to fall back on my weaker element and declare that I just can’t do whatever is required – whether it is to forgive, show kindness, etc. During one such lesson Keisha reminded me (with great kindness and firmly) that I could do what God requires because I have died to myself and it is Christ Who lives in me. It was such an effective moment because she helped me to bridge my biblical head knowledge to life application. This happened quite a few years ago and I am still using the bridge. There is so much I can say about Keisha and her dedication to truth. However, I will simply say that Keisha is truly a woman of excellence! - Rosemary, Atlanta, GA
Keisha played such a monumental role in me starting an authentic relationship with Christ. I met her and started taking her Precepts Bible study class at a moment in my life where God was asking me to make a choice about who I would serve and how I would live my life. I decided I wanted to be all in for Him, but I had no idea what that looked like for a young 20-something year old who had no friends her age who appeared to be as devoted to this call. Keisha made having a relationship with Christ attractive and appealing. She demonstrated a true love for Christ while maintaining her personality and interests. For the first time I began to see a freedom in Christ I had not seen in other followers and it confirmed for me that I made the right choice to drop everything to follow Him. I will forever be grateful for how the Lord used her to push me and challenge me. Her convictions to uphold the word of God even when it wasn’t popular or even when she could have had reasons not to, inspired me so much and continues to impact me. I thank my God in all my remembrances of her and pray she continues to be a steadfast pillar of faith for women everywhere! - Amber, Newnan, GA